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About Enyo Clothing

Enyo Clothing is a clothing company that produces hats, sweatshirts, and t-shirts for men and women who are not defined by what they wear, but are defined by the many things they do. We are based right outside of Philly, in South Jersey.

What does Enyo mean?

 The name Enyo is Greek and means “warlike”. Enyo is also the goddess of war in Greek mythology.

Why did you choose the name Enyo for your company?

Nothing in life has ever been handed to me. I have always had to work and overcome obstacles in life, much like so many others in one way or another. I wanted the name of the company to exemplify that while every day may be a battle, just stay true by keeping dedicated to your priorities and having the strength to move forward.  I felt as though the word and name Enyo best conveyed that for me.

"Be Savage"

Enyo Clothing